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Visit the HEPIA Aero-Nautical-Space laboratory

13-03-2024 14:00 -16:00
CHF 10.- (free for members)
Visit the HEPIA Aero-Nautical-Space laboratory

In 2015, HEPIA Aero-Nautical-Space Laboratory invented digital or pixelated winds.

For the first time, Mother Nature's genuine winds, including gusts and turbulence, can be reproduced in the lab. It is now possible to accurately study wind turbines, drones, sailboats, birds, and even lizards clinging to the trunks of palm trees during hurricanes.

This technology has been adopted by all major research centers around the world.

NASA used pixelated winds to test and develop the first-ever drone (Ingenuity) to fly on Mars.

Researchers and engineers Dr. Marilou JOURDAIN, Audrey CIMADOMO, and Angèle CUVET will immerse young girls in this new world of 21st century pixelated aerodynamics, for exploring Nature, sports, and sustainable development.

The girls will be able to:

  • Program their own wind on the computer and reproduce it
  • Fly drones in a storm
  • Position themselves in the wind with a Motion Capture system



Visit the Jet d'eau

12-04-2024 8:45 -10:30
CHF 10.- (free for members)
Visit the Jet d'eau

Visit the Jet d'eau

We will meet in front of the Jet d'eau jetty, and then go underground to visit the 2 famous motor-driven pumps that propel water at 500 liters/second.

After the visit, we will take part in the activation of the Jet d'eau. Maybe you can even push the button?

Visit in English and French.

Please note: this event is in the morning of the last Friday of the Easter break.

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration