Practical information for monthly activities

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Expanding Your Horizons Geneva is a non-pro­fit association dedicated to providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences for young girls aged 11- 14 years old.

At least once a month we offer science events or visits in the Geneva area. These events usually take place on Wednesday afternoons or Saturdays.

Come discover the work of an air traffic controller, fly drones in a wind tunnel, or simply discover the mathematics involved behing baking a cake!

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Join us and discover new fields of sciences you never imagined existed!


  1. There is no registration on the day of the event. All girls wishing to attend an event must have a confimed registration receipt.

  2. Parents make sure to print out, read and sign the parent disclaimer form. This document must be presented on the day of the event.

  3. Please note that certain events have special requirement, e.g. valid ID, ID document permitting to cross the French border, etc. You will be informed of these special requirements during the registration process. Make sure to take note of these special requirement for the day of the event.

General terms and conditions

Please consult our general terms and conditions prior to the event.