(12) Fungi's limitless potential

Workshop delivered by: Agroscope

Languages: English and French

Fungi are everywhere (in the air, in clouds and rainwater, in the soil, in trees....) at the base of life: carbon cycle, they allowed the transition more than 400 Mio years ago from aquatic plants to terrestrial plants. They grow on everything and in everything, they consume everything, even our fruits and jams... they are essential but they cause us serious problems. Discover in this workshop how to capture them, how to make them produce unusual molecules, how to detect them with artificial intelligence, how they will help us to clean the planet...


Workshop presented by: Dr Katia Gindro, Clara Chevalley, Sara Leoni et Nora Viret


The pictures and microphotographs above at different magnifications are of the fungus which blight grapes. Agroscope studies them to help wine-growers prevent infections from contaminating grapes (the grey mould of grape).
Photo credits : Katia Gindro 

Photo credits : Carole Parodi