(03) Sexes

Workshop proposed by: UniGe Bioscope

Languages: English (1), French (2) 


Discover the development of biological sex, address intersexuation and its medical and ethical issues (see the Bioscope website). What is the difference between sex and gender? How are genital organs formed? What is intersexuation? Why is the clitoris less well known in 2019 than the penis? By putting themselves in the shoes of a fictional couple, the groups of students approach the development of biological sex (genetic, gonadic, phenotypic) in order to determine and then make in clay the genital organs of the future child. In conclusion, during the presentation of the babies in each family, the medical and ethical issues related to intersexuation are discussed, as well as the concept of sex and gender continuum. 

Workshop presented by: Celine Brockmann


Sexess 1  Sexess 2  Sexess 3  

Sexess 4  Sexess 5  Sexess 6